Trip to the Market

Trip to the market, Our travel diary today focuses on exploring the markets and local shops in Kalkan and our family trying new foods along the way...

Our travel diary today focuses on exploring the markets and local shops in Kalkan and our family trying new foods along the way...

As a family, we are definitely foodies but all have very different tastes too - at home, we love trying new recipes and cooking from scratch but equally, we love dining out... Kalkan offers us the opportunity to do both - Villa 360 is absolutely equipped with everything you need to cook (whether it’s just for a few or up to 15 guests) but also with over 200

During our last stay in Kalkan, we decided to challenge ourselves to shopping in the market and cooking a meal for friends and family at the villa… The market in Kalkan is on a Thursday so we all took a stroll to the town stopping at firstly at the Junction first for fresh juices, smoothies, coffees, and a hearty breakfast to set us up for our market trip  (I try to eat Keto food at home so I was delighted to find that they had avocado, halloumi, eggs and bacon as an option)

Once we had filled our tummies, we were off to the market which is just across the road. We were greeted by a truck filled with huge fresh watermelons and we wisely made a decision to buy it on our way out rather than carry it

Just as Kalkan is full of vibrant life, incredibly generous and hospitable people so is the market. The local traders greeted us warmly with offers of help and shouts of ‘Merhaba’  or ‘Gunaydin’ and we were also greeted by a mix of Turkish food smells and the sight of fresh vegetables, spices and produce sprawled across so many stalls it had our taste buds rejoicing and our shopping bags getting full

The offering in the food and spice section of the market is incredible and the local farmers and traders eagerly try to help us and we were able to ask lots of questions – what is this? When do people usually eat this? What is made from? The list goes on but we were adding to our education and understanding of the culture of Turkey and the area

We entered the spice section and were greeted by a store owner who offered us refreshing Turkish tea ‘Cay’ and fruity apple tea whilst her fellow trader helped us pick out spices and share information on the main spices used in Turkish cooking. With tea drunk, new friends made and spices purchased we moved on to complete our shopping mission

Turkish tea recipe

This market also has stalls selling Turkish dishes and delicacies that are ready to be eaten and we didn’t waste any time deciding on which to buy. The choice and variety on offer here and the means that regardless of what your personal preferences are, you will find something you like here. Our favorite purchases were bulgar balls which were packed up with a yogurt sauce as well as the fresh oregano sala.

We also stocked up on our favorite desserts including baklava (not quite Keto but it is a holiday). The paper-thin pastry sheets brushed with butter and filled with ground pistachios and walnuts with a coating of syrup were too tempting and we enjoyed these with coffee later in the day at the pool of Villa 360

As the morning was nearly over we didn’t forget to pick up our choice of watermelon and get back to the villa but not before a stop at the local butcher (more about this experience in another travel diary but we loved it) and to the fishmonger to purchase our meats and fish for the evenings feast…

Local Butcher


Other supermarket options in the area





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