Put the risk into perspective...

Turkey is a vast country. It’s over two and a half times the size of Italy, larger than England and France put together. The Syrian border, where most of Turkey’s conflict is taking place, is well over 20 hours’ drive from the popular tourist destinations along the Mediterranean and Aegean coast. That’s the distance from London to Berlin. Governments, the military and intelligence services across the globe are dealing with the threat of terrorism every day, not just in Turkey. In light of increased activity, every European country has upped their security measures, especially at government buildings, embassies, airports and public gatherings. Turkey is no exception. Foreign advisory sites are suggesting we avoid large scale demonstrations and public gatherings, especially in large metropolitan and capital cities across the globe. This applies to Istanbul, Ankara, London, Paris, Brussels and pretty much every other major European city.

You are more likely to win the lottery or be struck by lightning than you are to be blown up by a terrorist...

We face risks everyday but most of us choose not to think about them. If you smoke, you significantly increase your chances of death by cancer. If you drive a car, you are likely to have a number of car accidents in your life, in some cases these can be fatal. If you hire a moped during your holiday, you increase your chances of injury during your stay. If you drink too much in your local bar, you are far more likely to suffer alcohol poisoning and dehydration that can result in health issues or even be fatal. These are the everyday factors and realities that are far more likely to kill us.

Don’t avoid Turkey in 2020 Go and enjoy the beauty and magic of the country.

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