Boat Trip

Another day of our travel diaries - today we are remembering our boat trip exploring the islands and coves around Kalkan and our adventures with dolphins and turtles on board a boat trip.  

Whenever we visit Kalkan our plans always involve a day on the water. The night before with our towels, snorkelling kit and other supplies packed we set an alarm for the following day and book our taxi to go to the marina with our local taxi driver Yusuf Ay 

A good sleep and a very quick Nespresso coffee for the adults (our rental villa has a Nespresso machine so its home from home) means that we are ready to go - but not before a stop at Marina Restaurant Kalkan!!! where we receive a warm welcome from the team and treats for the children. Orders are made and we relax and enjoy a leisurely family breakfast whilst observing the activity of the boat owners get ready for the day ahead 

After our relaxed breakfast, its time to go...hugs and warm wishes exchanged with the amazing team and we make our way across the road to Falcon Boat Kalkan. Captain Jack (yes genuinely!!!) greets us and welcomes us aboard Eclipse our private charter for the day (there were 9 of us last time so it is cost effective to do hire Eclipse rather than go on the big Falcon boat which we also love)  

Everyone grabs their preferred places on the boat (and maybe a little Titanic photography moment) and we settle down and eagerly anticipate that moment when we sail out of the harbour with lots of boats beeping horns and happy guests wave to all the other boats and watch as Kalkan gets smaller and the open water greets us and the day really begins 

Our day is full of excitement, the first stop is a beautiful cove and it involves everyone launching themselves into the Turquoise waters for a refreshing swim and encouraging younger family members to nervously jump in and enjoy the feeling of a refreshing dip. Once back on board, a small motor pulls up alongside with beautiful coloured wraps and bikini cover alls with details of tiny shells and crochet sewn onto the hems - after making a few purchases to take home we are on the move again 

Later we explore more coves and make another stop near Mouse and Snake Island but on the way there are shouts of excitement and delight when some wild dolphins are spotted ahead and then full steam ahead Captain Jack carefully gets the boat near the dolphin pod and we are able to watch them play and jump in the water - seeing them in their natural environment is incredible and a memory to treasure for all 

Before we know it, Captain Jack has presented a beautiful lunch of fish, chicken, fresh Turkish salads, bread and other delights and we relax into a lunch at sea with laughter and a little wine maybe  

With full tummies again a laze in the sun whilst the boat takes us off to another cove where we are presented with 'The bucket' and Captain Jack gives us instructions on how to administer a natural beauty treatment with the local clay. Everyone jumps into the sea and swims to shore and joins a few other boat trippers who are also covering their bodies and faces with the mud/clay treatment. With hoots of laughter we then bake the clay in the sun until it is dry before swimming in the sea to wash it all off (a word of advice do not wear a white swimsuit!!!) and return to Eclipse to dry off, administer more sun tan lotion and relax with a drink before being told by Captain Jack that we are off to look for Turtles in a secret cove  

With eyes peeled we arrive at the cove and sure enough we are greeted by 3 beautiful huge turtles who elegantly bob up and down in the water searching for food - this was the icing on the cake - the turtles shared their lives with us for 20 minutes before vanishing into the sea and leaving us feeling elated at sharing those moments. Another swim is followed by Captain Jack telling us we are home bound and reluctantly we all get back on board and slowly but surely the white iconic lighthouse appears and we sail back into the marina happily chatting about the events of the day and realising memories that will last forever have been made.... 

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