Why Choose Kalkan Luxury Holidays?

What are we all about?

It’s not about us it’s about you!!! Your holiday is the priority!

Our focus is to deliver to your needs – so whether it’s one person, a couple or a group of 25+ we tailor your holiday to you what you need. For that quick break away or for the well-planned big family or friend celebration – whichever it is we style our service to your requirements

Who are we?

We are a small family owned and company based in the UK in a small village called Porthkerry (near Cardiff airport)

We have a family team in the UK and work with the rest of the team based in Kalkan (they are the lucky ones!). Communication is key to delivering a fabulous experience to our guests and when a holiday is booked with us – the first thing we do is an open WhatsApp group which includes you, us and our English speaking Villa Manager and team in Kalkan – from our first interaction until the end of your stay we work seamlessly with the Kalkan team and all of us are just a phone call or WhatsApp message away

Why Kalkan?

We found Kalkan over 15 years ago when talking to some friends and it took us a few years before we remembered that chat and during a rainy Christmas break we booked for the summer ahead

As a family of four, with a teenager and a younger child, we explored Kalkan and the surrounding areas during our holiday and we all fell in love with the charm of the town and the people. Little did we know that it would touch our hearts so much started to plan how we could find little piece of Kalkan for our family

We were lucky to be find the most fabulous builder (who is now a firm friend) and we are now fortunate to be able to share our villa and others with you

What about the Agency - Kalkan Luxury Holidays?

What about the agency – Kalkan Luxury Holidays?
After advertising our villa, a few other villa owners spoke to us about helping them with their rentals and from there we chose to develop a boutique style agency which has grown organically and we now proudly offer a tailored holiday rental service to many guests

From booking to the end of your holiday and beyond

Our seamless service offers support from your first enquiry, to booking and through to your holiday. Our WhatsApp communication service and our in location English speaking villa managers are on call for you 24hrs a day, our pre-arrival grocery delivery service and our meet and greet service is just the start of a great holiday, we can also arrange boat trips, events, catering, cocktail making experiences (to name a few). Throughout your stay, you can reach us and the local team anytime

Seen enough? Make your dream holiday a reality.

Find your dream villa.
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